Where are Iraq's Elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction?

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Today-s Washington Post reports that -the Bush administration is losing confidence- in the clues it thought would lead to proof that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction. Yet, the administration is rejecting the help of United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix who today repeated his willingness to help determine if Iraq is free of such weapons. Can the US go it alone? What if the weapons can-t be found after all? We get an update from the UN, and then hear what it could all mean for American efforts to lift sanctions on Iraq and free up oil money for reconstruction from a former CIA analyst, the president of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, and the director of the Moscow office of the Center for Defense Information.
  • Making News: America Airlines Likely to Face Chapter 11
    AMR chairman Don Carty apologized to American Airlines employees yesterday, and took responsibility for failing to disclose crucial executive compensation agreements in effect when unions approved concessions to the ailing airline last week. As a result, the unions have threatened a revote. Dan Reed, who covers the industry for USA Today, says it's now likely that American will declare bankruptcy as early as tomorrow.
  • Reporter's Notebook: SARS Wreaks Havoc in Hong Kong
    Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is devastating the city of Hong Kong. In China, where SARS is believed to have originated, leaders are still concealing the extent of the epidemic, which has the potential of spreading worldwide. Those are the conclusions of one of America-s most credible health and science reporters. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Laurie Garrett is in Asia, covering the SARS outbreak for Newsday.

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