Whither the Death Penalty?

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Is capital punishment a deterrent to keep murderers off the street or a no-fix remedy that punishes the innocent? With even some conservative Republicans calling for an end to the death penalty, American support for capital punishment is on the decline. Is there new information or a shift in media coverage and political calculation? We'll consider the death penalty and ask if it's outlived its usefulness with proponents and opponents, including some who have crossed over the great divide.
  • Newsmaker: Pressing For Peace in the Mideast - Yasser Arafat has traveled to the White House, then the Arab League meeting in Cairo in an attempt to reach a peace agreement before President Clinton leaves office. Daniel Klaidman, Washington bureau chief for Newsweek says American involvement makes even skeptics take note.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Postal Rate Change to Take Effect Sunday - After making profits for several years, the US Postal Service is losing money, cutting jobs, and raising rates. The price of a first-class stamp is going up by a penny on Sunday. Ben White, of the Washington Post, says fuel, Fed-Ex and e-mail are part of the reason.



Warren Olney