Who Wants to Be a CEO?

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One ethics professor says, -It was like Greek tragedy. They defied the gods and the gods struck them down.- With their plush offices, executive jets and median salaries of $ 1.6 million, even chief executive officers who haven-t been hauled off in handcuffs are now held in lower esteem than politicians. The former cultural heroes are blamed for putting pensions at risk and enriching themselves at investors- expense. Will new rules make CEO-s truly accountable and help them regain their prestige? What does it take to become a good CEO? We ask a business ethicist, leaders from the business and nonprofit world, and the CEO of a management consulting firm.
  • Newsmaker: Air Marshal Program in Disarray
    The Air Marshal program was vastly expanded after September 11 in order to provide increased security on America-s airlines. But today-s USA Today reports that it-s now in -disarray.- Blake Morrison, who wrote the story, attributes many of the program-s failures to stepped-up hiring and lowered standards instituted to meet increased staffing demands.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Rough Diamonds
    In the US, Major League Baseball is preparing to strike, and Little League continues to be plagued by charges of falsifying age and residency requirements. There-s none of that in Cuba, where baseball-s been a hit since the 1860-s. President Fidel Castro, who-s an avid fan, is making sure the next generation of Cubans is too, as Susan Orlean discovered when she traveled to Cuba to write -Rough Diamonds- for The New Yorker.

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