Whose War Is It?

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From the start, the White House has been adamant that the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon is "not our war," but as the conflict enters its third week, questions arise as to whether this is a proxy war between the United States and Iran. There are reports that the US recently supplied the Israeli military with laser-guided "smart bombs," and the State Department has echoed Israeli calls for disarmament of Hezbollah before there is a cease-fire. Hezbollah itself is considered by many to be the third division of the Iranian army, America's chief enemy in the region, and one now seeking a nuclear bomb. Guest host Conan Nolan looks at the conflict in the Middle East and the ramifications for the US and Iran.
  • Making News: Bush and Blair Meet to Discuss Middle East Crisis
    British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in Washington meeting with President George W. Bush to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. The two are being pressured by moderate Arab states to call for an immediate cease-fire, despite US-UK resolve to effect the truce through a UN resolution, which would include disarmament of Hezbollah guerrillas. Lane Greene is the global-agenda columnist for The Economist magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Floyd Landis, Sports Doping and Testosterone
    Three days later after becoming the only third American to win the Tour de France, Floyd Landis of California finds himself on the brink of having that title stripped from him. Urine samples show that during a key stage of the race he tested positive for illegally high levels of testosterone. Landis has staunchly defended himself against the allegations. We hear more about the controversy from journalists Brian Alexander and Andrew Sullivan and from the Director of the only US lab accredited by the International Olympic Committee.
Guest host Conan Nolan is reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles, who has covered national and local news stories since 1986. He's also worked as a television news reporter and sports anchor, as well as a public-radio political reporter in San Luis Obispo, California.

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