Will Afghanistan Provide Lessons for Rebuilding Iraq?

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Former General Jay Garner arrived in Baghdad only today, but Iraqis already have been pouring into the streets, demanding that their American -liberators- go home. President Bush says America will stay in Iraq long enough to stabilize the economy and establish democracy. Will the US devote the time, patience and money required to make good on the President-s promise? Skeptics point to Afghanistan, which is in deep trouble just 18 months after the fall of the Taliban. Is Afghanistan a model for promoting peace and democracy, or something else? We look at America-s record of exporting values by force with an award-wining historian, a correspondent for Financial Times, a former US diplomat who-s overseen nation-building efforts in several regions, and a policy analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies- Pacific Forum.
  • Making News: Pressure Mounting on Palestinians to Resolve Internal Issues
    President Bush-s so-called -road map- for peace between Israel and the Palestinians is in jeopardy. With only hours left until a legal deadline, the newly named Palestinian Prime Minister is deadlocked with President Yasser Arafat. Sayed Abu Shammala, Palestinian correspondent for the BBC's Arabic Service, says Mahmoud Abbas is applying last-minute pressure on Arafat to insure internal security for his cabinet.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Unmanned Future of the US Military
    In Iraq, the so-called -fog of war- was lifted as never before by information technology that allowed commanders far from the scene to make decisions about the battlefield. High technology applied massive power and kept casualties low. Matthew Brezezinski, whose -The Unmanned Army- appeared in this weekend-s New York Times Magazine, considers robot warfare as part of America-s future.

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