Will Bush and G8 Leaders Share Water from Same Spring?

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Before President Bush left for Europe, Condoleezza Rice reportedly advised him to -forgive Russia, ignore Germany and punish France,- but during a meeting today, Bush reportedly told French President Jaques Chirac it was -time to move on.- The President himself is moving on from the summit of industrialized nations to talk about peace in the Middle East. During Bush's visits to Krakow, St. Petersburg and Geneva, reporters have been studying not just the words, but the body language of the President and other national leaders as an indicator of the changing relationship between the US and the -new- and -old- Europe. Does American dominance remain a concern? Does the so-called -G8- still matter? We speak with economic and foreign policy experts from the Council on Foreign Affairs and French Institute of International Relations, and an advisor to participants of the G8 summit.
  • Making News: 1996 Olympic Bomber Eric Rudolph Arraigned
    Eric Robert Rudolph, the most notorious fugitive on the FBI-s -most wanted- list, is on his way to the jailhouse in Birmingham, Alabama. Earlier today, there was heavy security as he appeared in federal court in Asheville, North Carolina. Erica Beshears was at the courthouse, following the story of the elusive serial bomber, for the Charlotte Observer.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Susan Sontag on War, Politics and the Pain of Others
    Just after the Vietnam War, Susan Sontag wrote about the power of images in On Photography. Though her new book was written before the war in Iraq, Regarding the Pain of Others, also focuses on the influence of photography and the experience of -being a spectator of calamities taking place in another country.- Sontag discusses how political context and technology impact our memory of these events and what it means for the future.

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