Will Business-Friendly Bush Be A War President?

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Yesterday, in the shadow of Mount Rushmore, President Bush again tried to rally the nation and an increasingly partisan Congress. While many Republicans are bullish on the Bush-s economic policies, some, like Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft, are speaking out against war in Iraq, warning against alienating allies and risking a setback to the war on terrorism. On the other hand, some conservative Democrats support the war, while taking issue with tax cuts and spending reductions. We hear some surprising views on the President-s economic policy and war in Iraq from former Republican White House insiders James Pinkerton and Bruce Herschenson, political analyst Kevin Phillips, and New Republic editor Peter Beinart.
  • Newsmaker: Major League Baseball Players Set Strike Date
    The Associated Press reports that Major League baseball players have set August 30 as their strike date. A 1994 walkout cancelled that year-s World Series. Frank Deford, sports writer and commentator for NPR-s Morning Edition, says negotiations have been marked by cynicism and self-absorption as well as an absence of civility and rationality.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Less Work Dulls Europe's Economic Edge
    Twenty years ago, Europeans worked as much as the rest of the developed world. Now, things have changed, with a 35-hour workweek not uncommon and multiple extended vacations more the rule than the exception. Can Europe survive in an increasingly competitive world? The Wall Street Journal-s Christopher Rhoads looks at productivity, Europe-s balanced lifestyle, workaholic Americans, and growth rates on both continents.

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