Will Disputed Election Results Divide Afghanistan?

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America’s worst fears may have been realized by preliminary election results released today in Afghanistan. President Hamid Karzai’s handpicked successor has been declared the winner, but his opponent is rejecting the outcome due to evidence of massive fraud. That could pit ethnic Tajiks and Pashtuns against each other, strengthen the Taliban and perhaps lead to another civil war. Does the US have the clout to make a difference? Can the UN help mediate a non-violent transition of power?

Also, an update on the crisis in Ukraine, and as the first pot-shop licenses are permitted in Washington state, will there be enough weed?

Banner Image: Afghans shout slogans during a protest to support presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah, in Kabul June 27, 2014. Thousands of angry protesters marched on the Afghan president's palace on Friday in support of candidate Abdullah's allegations that mass fraud had been committed during the presidential election by organizers and state officials. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail



Warren Olney