Will Harken Be Bush-s Achilles Heel?

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Falling stock markets and stories of corporate fraud are bad for the economy, but they could provide political ammunition for the Democrats against a business-friendly Republican administration and its supporters in Congress. President Bush-s effort to revive investor confidence has been unsuccessful despite his meeting with his business-fraud SWAT team, and Press Secretary Ari Fleischer-s calling -a scandal-seeking Washington out of touch with a solution-seeking nation- has fallen on deaf ears. Will Bush and Vice President Cheney-s business dealings affect the President and his party in this mid-term election year? We talk to reporters, pundits and pollster Andrew Kohut, of the Pew Research Center, about the political consequences of the business backlash.
  • Newsmaker: International AIDS Conference Wraps Up
    Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela addressed today-s final session of the 14th International AIDS Conference in Barcelona. Both leaders stressed the need for the developing world to take a more active role in the international treatment and prevention of AIDS and HIV. George Straight, Managing Editor for KaiserNetwork.org, has more on Clinton-s call for full US funding of the global fund.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Who Betrayed Anne Frank-s Hiding Place?
    One of the most moving documents of World War II-s Holocaust is The Diary of Anne Frank, the journal of a Jewish girl whose family was betrayed, then sent to Auschwitz after two years of hiding in occupied Amsterdam. Only her father Otto Frank survived. Now, 58 years later, David Barnouw, researcher at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, is working on new theories on the identity of their betrayer.

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