Will Iraq's Election Lead to Unity or Further Divisions?

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With the votes still being counted in Iraq's constitutional referendum, US air strikes have killed dozens of people today west of Baghdad. Meantime, President Bush says this weekend's election was good for Iraqis, democracy and world peace. The big Sunni turn-out may not be enough to defeat the constitution. Will disappointment fuel the insurgency? Will evidence presented in Saddam Hussein's trial, which begins on Wednesday, help justify the US invasion? Could it backfire if Saddam gets a new televised forum? We speak with journalists, human rights advocates, experts in international affairs and Middle East politics, and Iraq's second in command at the United Nations.
  • Making News: Administration Tries to Redirect Harriet Miers Debate
    Harriet Miers is back on Capitol Hill today, meeting with Democrats about her appointment to the US Supreme Court. At the White House, President Bush met with former members of the Texas Supreme Court, and acknowledged Miers as a "uniquely qualified person to serve on the bench." Mike Allen has written about a changing White House strategy in this week's edition of Time magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Conflict in Valerie Plame Leak Case
    After 85 days in jail, Judith Miller published her account of the Valerie Plame case in yesterday's New York Times. Three other Times reporters wrote about the paper's handling of Miller and how it covered the broader story of White House leaks that might have illegally revealed the identity of a covert CIA Agent. Did they raise more questions than they answered? David Corn is Washington Editor of The Nation magazine.

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