Will Ohio Be the New Florida?

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Ohio's just one state where a close vote could produce enough legal confrontations to delay the results of the presidential election. Liberal groups in that state have registered 800,000 new voters this year. Republicans claim there's been rampant fraud, and are allowed to challenge potential voters inside polling places on election day. They've already challenged so many already that officials in Cleveland will need the Convention Center to conduct 17,000 hearings by Sunday. Democrats say the GOP is trying to suppress the vote. We look at claims of fraud and suppression, the prospects and potential consequences with reporters, historians, experts in voting rights, and Democratic and Republican party officials in Ohio.
  • Making News: Partisan Activities during Florida's Early Voting
    A new law that allows early voting fails to protect the voters themselves from harassment at the polls. For the past week, there've been reports of political mobs, cursing, screaming and even blocking polling places where potential voters are waiting in long lines. The Sun-Sentinel's Britanny Wallman says Florida's secretary of state has responded by encouraging precincts to rely on local ordinances and private security to protect the sanctity of the polls.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Bush War on the Environment?
    President Bush and John Kerry disagree about global warming and Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife refuge. Those aren't their only environmental disagreements, even if they haven't been on the front burner during the campaign. While Bush says he's been a "good steward" of the environment, Kerry calls the administration a threat to the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and other environmental laws. Tom Meersman has reviewed the records--and the promise--for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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