Will Suicide Bomb and Retaliations Derail Road Map?

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A suicide bomb on a bus has killed 16 and injured dozens of others in Jerusalem. In Gaza, two leaders of the militant group Hamas have been killed by shots from an Israeli helicopter. President Bush, who was in Chicago today for a speech on Medicare when he got news of the terrible violence, called for isolating the people he says -hate peace,- and at least one leading Republican Senator wants NATO to send in an international peace-keeping force. We update today-s deadly attacks, get a prognosis on the road map and hear differing views on what America ought to do now, with Americans, Palestinians and Israelis.
  • Making News: Suicide Bomb in Jerusalem, Retaliations in Gaza
    In the Middle East, there's been another escalation of deadly violence. A Palestinian posing as an orthodox Jew boarded a Jerusalem bus and blew it up, leaving 16 dead and over 100 wounded. In Gaza, an Israeli helicopter fired missiles at a car, killing two Hamas militants and five bystanders. Newsweek correspondent Dan Ephron says the violence is not unexpected, as it spirals each time there's progress toward peace.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Samantha Power on Genocide
    Before today-s escalating violence in the Middle East, there were calls for more US involvement in Congo, where brutal fighting has taken the lives of some 3 million in the past few years. A lecturer at Harvard-s Kennedy School, Samantha Power is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. In it, she documents America-s failure to prevent genocide in many places around the world.



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