Will the Recession Force State Government Shutdowns?

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Six states failed to pass spending plans last night in time for the new fiscal year, which started today. The biggest state in the union plans to pay its bills with IOU's. Other states barely made the deadline by cutting services and raising taxes and fees. Are bloated expenditures being brought under control or are states balancing budgets on the backs of the poor? Also, Al Franken's win in Minnesota gives Senate Democrats a super-majority. On Reporter's Notebook, an advisory body takes aim at popular pain killers. Should Vicodin and Percocet be banned? Why not Tylenol and Excedrin which have the same troubling ingredient?

Banner image: Senator Al Franken (D-MN) (2 L) celebrates with his wife Franni Franken (L) in front of their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: Jeffrey Thompson/Getty Images



Warren Olney