Will US Occupation Bring Iraqis Democracy or Civil War?

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Since Iraq's new government was announced three weeks ago, guerrilla attacks have killed more than 400 people, and car bombs and assassinations have become part of daily life for Iraqi citizens. On Sunday, Secretary of State Rice visited the country in an appeal to Shiite leaders to reach out to Sunni Arabs and forge a critical bridge. Further complicating the situation is a recent series of dialogues between Iraq and Iran, and a strained relationship between Tehran and Washington. Against an August 15 deadline for drafting a new Iraqi Constitution, US military commanders today proffer a sobering outlook, suggesting that American military involvement in Iraq could last many years. Can Iraqis sort out their ethnic divisions? Guest host Diana Nyad speaks with journalists, historians, veteran CIA analysts and State Department envoys, and a spokesman for Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari
  • Making News: Congress in Low Regard as Judicial Fight Continues
    A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll, out today, says Americans are dissatisfied about Congress' performance. The war in Iraq and infighting over UN Ambassador-designate John Bolton and federal judicial nominations are making the public skeptical about the efficacy of Congress to match their priorities. John Harwood, national political editor for the Wall Street Journal, says Democrats have not escaped the public's ire.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The US Government and Lu-s Posada Carriles
    Cuban Americans are turning their backs on Lu-s Posada Carriles, once considered a hero. After a youthful anti-communist anti-Castro stand, the Cuban exile became both a CIA operative and underground terrorist, but is now waiting extradition in a Miami jail. The US is searching for a country that might accept him and pledge not to extradite him to Cuba or Venezuela. Madeline Bar- Diaz of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel picks up the story.
Guest host Diana Nyad, who was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2002 as the world record-holder for the longest swim without the aid of a cage -- from Bimini to Florida, 102.5 miles! -- is a business sports columnist for Marketplace, has served as senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and has hosted her own show on CNBC. She's also the author of three books, Other Shores, Basic Training and The Keyshawn Johnson Story.

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