Wireless Technology

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The latest new passion is wireless, with entrepreneurs and investors hoping to turn risk capital into certain revenue. The hot new technology provides more mobility than a PC and promises to put your life in the palm of your hand, but its large awkward devises and poor readability have proved to be major drawbacks. Is it just more gadgetry, or will it enrich people's lives? We consider what wireless offers consumers of the near and distant future, with a venture capitalist, a technology reporter, the "minister of culture" for a communication network aimed at teens, and others.
  • Newsmaker: Alarming HIV Levels in Young Gay and Bisexual Men Alarming levels of HIV infection have been reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in six major US cities. Dr. Helene Gayle, AIDs Chief at the CDC, says that to successfully combat this major health problem, prevention and intervention must be tailored to the needs of different communities and generations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Anita De Frantz's Bid to Head International Olympic Committee In July Juan Antonio Samaranch will retire as president of the International Olympic Committee. First Vice President Anita DeFrantz, a former Olympic medalist and the most powerful female sports administrator in the world, has announced her candidacy for the presidency. She shares her personal reason for wanting to head the world games.



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