Wisconsin Primary Results; Electronic Voting Machines

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The Wisconsin Primary
Yesterday, after a closer finish than expected, John Edwards said to John Kerry, -Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear.- Does Edwards, who was still just number-two in Wisconsin, have the time and resources to catch a front-runner who-s won 15 of 17 contests? Would Edwards be more -electable- than Kerry against George Bush? What about Howard Dean? We hear more about politics and personas from political reporters, progressive Democrats, and the California state chairman of the Dean campaign.

Electronic Voting Machines
After the hanging-chad debacle in Florida four years ago, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act, which meant $4 billion for states that replaced punch-cards and lever machines with more reliable systems. This year, states including Maryland, Georgia California-and Florida-have introduced electronic voting with touch-screens. But are the controversial electronic voting machines really an improvement? Will voters have confidence in the system? We speak with experts in voter technology and network security and the Florida Secretary of State.

  • Making News: Dean Flies to Vermont to Announce Plans
    Yesterday in Wisconsin, it was Kerry with 40 percent, Edwards with 34 and Howard Dean with 18-another disappointment for the one-time front-runner who-s never managed a victory. Today in Vermont, Dean bowed out of the race. Perry Bacon, who's covering the story for Time magazine, says Dean still hopes to win enough delegates to influence party platform at this summer's Democratic National Convention in Boston.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Meet the Deaniacs
    Now that Howard Dean has announced he will no longer actively seek the Democratic presidential nomination, what about the hundreds of thousands of his supporters, so passionate that they came to be called -Deniacs?- Los Angeles-based actress Jane Wilson, who organized a group called Faithful Moms for Dean, is a "Deniac." Wilson explains what led her to Dean, and what she'll do now that he's has withdrawn from the race.

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