With All Eyes on Lebanon, Has Iraq Devolved into Civil War?

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As Israel calls up reserves and prepares for a ground attack, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced plans to visit the region. We'll hear about America's strategy for diplomacy as the fighting goes on. Meantime, American and Iraqi officials argue that 150,000 foreign troops are preventing the country from descending into "civil war." But a report from the United Nations has some Sunni and Shiite leaders now using that term. Based on figures from Iraq's Health Ministry, the report determined that almost 100 Iraqi civilians had been killed every day--on average--over the past two months. Will moderate Iraqis look to religious militias to maintain order? Do the militias have plans to divide the country? What does support for Israel mean for American credibility?
  • Making News: Israeli Troops Mass on Lebanon Border
    Israel is warning hundreds of thousands of Lebanese to leave the southern part of their country, and reserves are being called up as Israeli tanks move toward the Lebanese border. Aluf Benn is Diplomatic Editor for the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Secretary of State Rice Announces Trip to Middle East
    The United States has rejected calls to urge an "immediate cease-fire" by Israel as well as Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. Today, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met in New York with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Later, she announced that she will meet Sunday with President Bush and Saudi Arabia's representatives in Washington before taking off for more meetings in the Middle East. We get an update from the Washington Post's Robin Wright and former Assistant Secretary of State Edward Walker.

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