Wolfowitz at World Bank, Bolton at the UN

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After elaborately reaching out toward Europe with a personal visit, President Bush surprised the international community by naming two neo-conservatives to high-profile positions. John Bolton, an outspoken critic of the United Nations, has been named America's UN Ambassador. Paul Wolfowitz, intellectual architect of the war in Iraq and an advocate of spreading freedom by force, has been chosen to head the World Bank. Will he pursue its peaceful struggle against poverty? Do these two controversial nominations conflict with recent emphasis on cooperative diplomacy? Are these the appropriate men to reform two faltering institutions? What's the reaction in Europe? We hear from experts in international relations, economics and national security, including veteran advisors to the UN, World Trade Organization and US State Department.
  • Making News: Judge Orders Schiavo Feeding Tube Removed
    A Florida judge had ruled that Terri Schiavo's feeding tube can be removed today. Due to brain damage, the Florida woman has been in what doctors call a -persistent vegetative state- since 1990. Now, she may appear before a committee of Congress. Garrett Therolf, State Capitol reporter for the Tampa Tribune, has the story.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Castro Angry at Being in Forbes' "World's Richest Rulers"
    The latest Forbes magazine estimates the fortunes of heads of state, starting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia at $22 billion. For the second year in a row, just below Queen Elizabeth but ahead of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, is the President of Communist Cuba with $550 million. Ann Louise Bardach, writer for Slate.com and author of Cuba Confidential, explains why Fidel Castro is outraged and threatening to sue.

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