Women and Islam

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In Afghanistan, women are subject to brutal repression by the Taliban, who claim that's what their religion demands. Yet Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, is led by a democratically elected woman. What do Muslim women think about western values? How are they pushing for social change? Can taking the veil be a symbol of protest as well as a sign of repression? We look beyond the stereotypes at the diversity of a faith observed by more than a billion people, in a conversation with women from Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh and the US about their role in religion and the way they are treated in the countries of their birth.
  • Newsmaker: New Measures for Combating Terrorist Money Supply - President Bush has moved again to shut off the money supply to terrorists by freezing the accounts of 62 additional financial networks. International business risk consultant Rowan Bosworth-Davis admits that many in the supply pipeline have successfully eluded the attention of the large institutions with which they work.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Accident on University's Web Site - The University of Montana is investigating how the innermost secrets of some 62 young people were posted on its web site. The Los Angeles Times' Charles Piller stumbled on the clinical profiles while researching another story. Piller talks about the source of the inadvertent leak, the content of the profiles, and the issue of privacy.

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