Women and Power in America

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Forty years after the Civil Rights Act made women equal under the law, two recent incidents have highlighted their struggle to reach high places. Harvard's President Lawrence Summers said their problem might be "innate differences" between women and men, and Carly Fiorina, one of just 8 CEO's in the Fortune 500, was forced to quit Hewlett Packard. When Fiorina was forced out, nobody said it was because she's a woman, but for six years she has been a high-profile example of powerful women in business. Are women forced to adopt the "male model" for corporate success? Does their desire to have families get in the way? Will they ever be able to "have it all?" We hear from women in business, medicine, public policy and academia.
  • Making News: More Violence and Rumsfeld in Iraq
    In Iraq, violence has been escalating since the country was locked down for the January 30 elections. Today, as worshippers were leaving a mosque north of Baghdad, twelve people were killed when a vegetable truck exploded. In Baghdad itself, gunmen sprayed a bakery shop and killed 11 people. All this as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was making a surprise visit to the country, where John Daniszewski's reporting for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FAA Had 52 Warnings of al Qaeda in 2001
    Yesterday, recently declassified documents revealed that in the months prior to September 11, the Federal Aviation Administration received no less than 52 warnings about possible hijackings and suicide operations by al Qaeda. Now, victims' families, 9/11 Commissioners and some Democrats in Congress are asking that the full report of the 9/11 Commission be declassified. We get Congressional reaction from Democrat Henry Waxman and Republican Dan Lungren.

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