World Reaction to World Trade Center Bombings

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Tuesday's terrorist attack on New York and Washington has earned the US the compassion of virtually every nation except Iraq. Even Cuba, Libya and Iran have sent condolences. Britain, Australia and Japan have all but guaranteed support since their citizens are among the dead and missing. But support for military action comes with advice to proceed with caution. As the President tries to rally an international coalition, we turn to reporters and others around the world for a look at global reaction to America's crisis and whether sympathy will translate into support for military action.
  • Newsmaker: Airports Opening One by One Across the US - Air traffic has been halted across the US since hijackers turned four commercial jets into Molotov cocktails, striking devastation and terror into the heart of America. Today, as airports begin to reopen, ABC news aviation analyst John Nance details the difficulties in normalizing the complex travel system that's become an integral part of American life.
  • Reporter's Notebook: City Councilman May Have Attended Flight School with Terrorists - At least 50 infiltrators have been identified as being involved in Tuesday's strikes on New York and Washington. Searches of cars and apartments turned up credit card records showing that 27 paid for flight training in the US. City Councilman Jim Bagley, from the Southern California desert community of Twentynine Palms, may have trained with them.
Special Edition: Restarting Flights, Restarting the Economy
The human toll is still being tallied, but what about the economy? Not since the great depression have stock markets been closed for more than two days. When they reopen on Monday, it will have been six. We hear first about efforts to reopen airports and stabilize the airline industry, one of the most visible economic casualties of Tuesday's attacks. Then we look at the ripple effect on American business, an already volatile stock market and weak consumer confidence, with financial, policy and business experts. [MORE]
  • Newsmaker: Airports Opening Nationwide - Airline passengers whose planes were diverted from their destinations on Tuesday went back in the air today when the FAA allowed airports to reopen on a limited basis. With traffic slowed to a crawl, Joshua Cooper Ramo, of Time magazine, says travelers should expect to face long lines, more marshals, and tightened security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Investigators Tie 50 Terrorists to Plot - Authorities searching cars, apartments and credit card receipts, have identified some 50 infiltrators who carried out or provided support for Tuesday's coordinated attacks on New York and Washington. William Rempel, of the Los Angeles Times, provides an update on intelligence efforts around the US and throughout the world.

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