Yelling 'Fire' on a Hot Planet?

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While scientists, environmentalists, religious leaders and political representatives finally have reached consensus that global warming is an undeniable reality, the immediate and long-term strategy we should take to stem the rising tide remains a complex, combative debate. Even how we should talk about global warming in the press is at issue. Is the warming due to natural climate cycles or the direct result of our "addiction to oil," as President Bush puts it? Are recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina the result of global warming? Do people today have a moral obligation to take care of our planet for future generations? Guest host Diana Nyad examines how journalists, religious leaders and ecologists recommend tackling the most crucial issues facing the planet's environmental future.
  • Making News: Nuclear Watchdog Says Iran Defying UN
    After a three-year investigation, the International Atomic Energy Agency today reports that Iran is continuing to operate its nuclear program in defiance of the United Nations. The Security Council will meet next week to consider possible punitive measures. Meantime President Ahmadinejad brushed off the UN's "useless resolutions." Christopher Dickey is Middle East Regional Editor for Newsweek magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: United 93 Opens to Positive Reviews
    The feature film United 93 opens nationwide today. The families of 40 people who lost their lives on September 11 in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania say they've seen the film and they support it. Peter Rainier, film critic for the Christian Science Monitor says the film's appeal is its attempt to provide a narrative for passengers' collective heroism in the face of what is still, five years later, an incomprehensible tragedy.
Guest host Diana Nyad, 2002 inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, is a business sports columnist for Marketplace, senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and has hosted her own show on CNBC. She's also the author of three books.

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