Yemen Terror and Mid East Violence

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Despite a momentary lull in Mid East violence, Israelis and Palestinians still aren't talking. The death toll on the destroyer Cole has risen amid worries about the vulnerability of US ships to terrorism in foreign ports. Discussing the international crises and their impact on the presidential campaign are the former head of counter terrorism at the White House during the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania; a former Director of the CIA under President Clinton; Vice President of the Center for Defense Information; Editor-in-Chief of The Gallup Poll; foreign policy advisor to the Gore-Lieberman campaign; and the senior advisor to the 1980 and 1984 Reagan campaigns and the 1988 Bush campaign.
  • Newsmaker: Despite security being tightened after sporadic violence during the day, there is talk of a possible summit meeting in Egypt. Edward Abington, former U.S. Consul in Jerusalem whose Washington firm is currently working with the Palestinians, discusses efforts to bring the two sides together in Jerusalem.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Kongdan Oh, a senior fellow at Brookings Institute and expert on East Asian affairs, talks about Kim Dae Jung who has just been awarded the new century's first Nobel Peace Prize. Kim, the former political prisoner who rose to be head of state, suffered decades of repeated arrests and beatings during his years as a dissident.



Warren Olney