Youth, Sexuality and the Media's Mixed Message

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From pedophilia to pop culture, America's adolescents are showered with conflicting images of youth and sexuality. While the news is sprinkled with cases of child sexual abuse, the media is saturated with sexy images that feature children and teens. Parents and educators caution restraint, but the barrage of ads for intimate underwear, TV shows that glamorize sex, movies promoting promiscuity, and magazines and music that blast the image of an alluring Britney Spears send a contradictory message to a puritanical culture. Is there a double standard at work? We look at conflicting media and cultural images about youth and sexuality with a Beverly Hills sophomore, the editor of a teen magazine, journalists and authors, one who was himself a victim of child sexual abuse. Sara Terry of the Christian Science Monitor guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: India Readies for an Offensive in Kashmir
    Last week, militants stormed an Indian army camp in Kashmir killing 31 people. Last night, Kashmiri separatist leader Abdul Ghani Lone was assassinated in the capital of Srinigar. The West is urging India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, to exercise restraint. Luke Harding, South Asia correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, assesses the rising tensions and threats of retaliation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Chicago as Second City Again?
    Tonight, a government commission is expected to approve putting a longstanding San Fernando Valley secession effort on the November ballot in Los Angeles. The consequences of such a breakaway could be huge, and not just for LA. John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune cautions that secessionists may be underestimating "the sum of its parts" when cutting up America's second largest city.

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