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In 1980, white-ruled Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, and Robert Mugabe was elected as its first black President with the promise that white-owned land would be transferred back to the people. Since then, there has been economic decline and increased turbulence, and much of the black population has turned against him. This weekend Mugabe is standing for reelection, but he-s accused of rigging the outcome and intimidating likely voters with deadly violence. Can Zimbabwe-s election be free and fair? Tom Masland of Newsweek sets the scene. Then we hear from Mugabe-s ambassador to the US and leading opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangarai about the election with major implications for the rest of Africa.
  • Newsmaker: Weather and Terrain Frustrate Operation Anaconda
    After 6 days of heavy fighting, Taliban and al Qaeda guerrillas are still resisting in Paktia province southeast of Kabul. Today, a column of tanks and fresh Afghan troops was sent to support 1200 Americans and 200 other western soldiers. Esther Schrader, of the Los Angeles Times, says it-s -just what the Pentagon had hoped to avoid.-
  • Reporter-s Notebook: French Documentary Filmmakers Follow FDNY Trainees
    On Sunday, March 10, almost exactly six months since September 11, CBS will air a 90-minute documentary called 9/11. The raw footage, which has already been used for training purposes in New York firehouses, has never been shown in public. Gedeon Naudet, who co-produced the film with his brother Jules, previews the dramatic footage, human drama and his homage to the heroes of the New York Fire Department.

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