A Bountiful City Ballot, but Who's Paying Attention?

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In tomorrow's elections, voters will face a lot of decisions without a lot of hope for the future, whatever the results might be. Ballot measures to cut costs and raise money won't help solve the City of Los Angeles' $400 million budget gap. The LA Community Colleges are looking at the expensive consequences of waste and corruption in a massive construction project, , and there are fierce battles raging for seats on the Los Angeles and Bell City Councils. Also, the ongoing recession means a lot of hungry people in Southern California. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Moammar Gaddhafi appears to have staved off the rebel onslaught, at least for the moment. With Libya divided, is it time for international intervention. What are the risks for the US to lead the way? What are the risks of inaction?



Warren Olney