Will Latinos Rescue California's Republican Party?

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In 1994, Republican Governor Pete Wilson won re-election with Proposition 187, which denied almost all state services to illegal immigrants. It was finally thrown out by the courts, but Latinos have never forgotten. Now they're the fastest-growing part of a very different electorate.  And yet, this year's GOP platform sounds exactly like Prop 187, "We call for the termination of all… state benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency medical care."



  • Ron Nehring - 2014 Republican nominee for California lieutenant governor, former California Republican Party chairman, campaign spokesman for Ted Cruz’s 2016 campaign - @RonNehring
  • Luis Alvarado - Republican strategist and consultant, former deputy press secretary for the California Republican Party - @latinostrategy
  • Jaime Regalado - California State University, Los Angeles - @PBI


Warren Olney