Why Don’t Angelenos Care About Gangs?

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Statistically speaking, gang-related killings are down this year in LA. But as LA Times columnist Steve Lopez points out, “it doesn’t feel like that.” One recent high-profile victim was Jamiel Shaw—known as “Jazz”—a 17-year old high-school football star with no gang connections and a promising future. He was black, and the police think he was killed by Latino gang members. The apparently random shooting occurred in the West Adams district, which straddles the Santa Monica Freeway. He was shot in a neighborhood that’s mixed both racially and economically.



  • Sydney Weisman - Publicist specializing in Marketing & PR for Non-Profit organizations
  • Jill Leovy - Los Angeles Times
  • Jim Rosenfield - Brentwood based developer, mentor for Big Brother
  • Khalid Shah - Executive Director of 'Stop The Violence, Increase The Peace'; Chair of the Regional Violence Prevention Coalition


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