Benefactors Bail Out ICEF Charter Schools

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Fifteen charters schools that were about to go out of business got a $10.5 million bailout today. After Mike Piscal founded the Inner City Education Foundation in 1994, it earned a good reputation but, despite that, it’s been on the verge of bankruptcy.  Now ICEF schools will stay open, thanks to $2 million each from Eli Broad and Palmer Murray of the Otis Booth Foundation, with additional contributions from several others. Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan has come up with $2.2 million.  He’s chair of the ICEF Board.


Richard Riordan - former Mayor of Los Angeles - @RichardJRiordan, Rick Pratt - Assistant Executive Director, California School Boards Association, Katie Cooper - Producer, 'One year Later', Caprice Young - Magnolia Public Schools - @capriceyoung

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Katie Cooper, Christian Bordal