Shopping on Thanksgiving: Has Christmas Creep Crept Too Far?

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target.jpgSo maybe you've gotten used to hearing Frosty the Snowman playing in stores before trick-or-treaters ever ring your doorbell, or you've even made a list of deals you want to score on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest retail day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving.  But this year, big stores may have crossed one retail line too many, with Black Friday mega-sales actually starting on Thanksgiving Day. Toys "R" Us and Walmart will be opening their doors at 9 and 10 pm, with several other big chains opening at midnight. The move into Thanksgiving Day itself appears to have pushed a button among consumers and retail employees, who are fighting back. What drives the Black Friday urge, consumers who want a deal, retailers who want to sell as much as possible, or a bit of both? Could this be the year the tide starts to turn against the commercialization of one of America's most beloved holidays?




Sara Terry