Behavioral Science and Political Change

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The Obama Administration is using behavioral science "to try to transform the country."  That's according to Michael Grunwald in Time magazine.  He says it all began during the presidential campaign with a "dream team" of 29 economists and psychologists who are now advising the White House.  We talk with Grunwald, one of those advisors and others about how the process works.  Does it preserve or limit the opportunity to choose? Is it psychological trickery that smacks of Big Brother or a subtle new form of leadership in a complex and confusing world?


Michael Grunwald - Politico magazine - @MikeGrunwald, Richard Thaler - Professor or Behavioral Science and Economics, University of Chicago, Ronald Bailey - Science Correspondent, Reason magazine, Noam Scheiber - New York Times - @noamscheiber

Warren Olney

Katie Cooper, Christian Bordal