Can Congress Be 'The Decider' on Iraq Troop Surge?

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President Bush says he's "the decider" when it comes to Iraq, but even many Republicans disagree. While such dissent has generated a raging battle in Washington over the Constitutional separation of powers, what clearly matters most to both parties is politics. For the moment, Senate Democrats are unified behind a resolution criticizing the increase of troops in Iraq. Republicans are divided over at least five different measures, amid predictions that their party will be politically damaged for generations. If Democrats don't come up with a more acceptable alternative for Iraq, will they still be able to capitalize politically?  We get perspective from Democratic consultant Doug Schoen and Republican strategist John McLaughlin.  (An extended version of this discussion was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)



  • Doug Schoen - Democratic strategist Fox News contributor
  • John McLaughlin - Republican strategist, John McLaughlin and Associates


Warren Olney