Can't a Republican Get Any Peace?

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Republicans may have left Washington for the August recess, but they won't be allowed to forget immigration reform. Today in Bakersfield, the office of Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy became one target of a national effort to press for action this year. We hear about caravans of cars and buses from around the state that had police diverting traffic on Interstate freeways. Is McCarthy likely to get the message? Also, movie director Werner Herzog and the Auto Club of Southern California: two campaigns against texting while driving.

On our rebroadcast of To the Point, the pace of China's economic development is transforming that country—but it's also endangering the Chinese people — and the rest of the world. January's so-called "airpocalypse" was a wake-up call. But how soon can green energy projects offset the burning of coal?

Banner image: Activists stand in front of Rep. McKeon's office to pressure his vote on immigration reform. Photo: CHIRLA