LA Archdiocese Settles Sex Abuse Case

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LA’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese, insurance companies and the orders of priests who engaged in sex abuse will pay 660 million dollars to settle fifteen suits brought by 508 plaintiffs. This weekend’s settlement was approved today by Superior Court Judge Haley J. Fromholz. After apologizing publicly to the victims yesterday, Cardinal Roger Mahoney sat quietly in the courtroom.  Plaintiffs’ attorney Ray Boucher told the court the settlement provides “transparency and sunshine” and assures “victims they did nothing wrong—it was not their fault.



  • Andy Murr - Los Angeles Correspondent for Newsweek Magazine
  • Jackie Dennis - Plaintiff who filed suit against the LA Archdiocese
  • Richard Sipe - Former Benedictine monk and Catholic priest for 18 years
  • Chuck Zech - Professor of Economics at Villanova University


Warren Olney