Split Board Considers Changes to Supervisorial Districts

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A new, independent citizens committee is re-drawing boundaries for California's legislative and congressional districts to accommodate the 2010 census. LA County Supervisors still reapportion their own. In 1990, reapportionment created the majority Latino district won the next year by Gloria Molina. This year, the Board appointed a Boundary Review Committee, which recommended that districts stay pretty much as they are.  But Molina and her colleague, Mark Ridley Thomas, say it's time for a second Latino-majority district. Don Knabe and Mike Antonovich like the Committee plan, and Zev Yaroslavsky is leaning that way. That's a 3-to-2 majority. But it takes four votes for a final decision.  Author, historian and long-time Lakewood official D. J. Waldie is a senior authority on County politics and blogger for KCET.




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