Prosecuting the Bush Administration for Possible War Crimes

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In September, the conservative Weekly Standard quoted Vice President Cheney as saying, "I think on the left wing of the Democratic Party, there are some people who believe that we really tortured." Today Bob Woodward, in the Washington Post, quotes a lifelong Republican, the Pentagon's Inspector General when Cheney was Secretary of Defense, saying that one suspect was tortured and that she assumes others were tortured as well. Susan Crawford is now in charge of deciding if Guantánamo Bay suspects should be brought to trial. Her statements are intensifying the debate on whether Bush Administration officials should be investigated and possibly brought to trial.


Dahlia Lithwick - Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate - @dahlialithwick, Ruth Marcus - Columnist, Washington Post, Bruce Fein - attorney, Frederick Schwarz - Senior Council, New York University's Brennan Center for Justice, Clifford D. May - Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - @CliffordDMay

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