The Feds Tell LA County Enough Is Enough

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Angry parents and neighborhood residents are fighting bitterly over a Westside Charter school. They plan a confrontation at tomorrow’s meeting of the LA Unified School Board. Also, mentally ill prisoners are being denied their constitutional right to health care in Los Angeles County jails. Rat-infested cells and abusive guards have led to suicides that could have been prevented. That’s after 17 years of broken promises, according to the US Justice Department, which will seek a court order to enforce needed improvements. Will County officials go along or fight an agreement? What about a $2 billion new jail?

Image Not AvailableLater, on To the Point, fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, there’s new controversy over the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The US Supreme Court has ruled that it’s out of date.  Now, some states are accused of renewing discrimination in voting. The Supreme Court has invited new legislation. What's happening in Congress? We hear from Vermont's Democratic Senator and others.




Warren Olney