The Feds Tell LA County Enough Is Enough

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After the so-called Rampart Scandal revealed widespread corruption in the LAPD, reforms were achieved under a federal consent decree entered into by the City of Los Angeles in the year 2000. It took 12 years before federal supervision ended. After 17 years of promises to improve, the US Justice Department says LA County jails are still denying the constitutional rights of mentally ill inmates. A scathing report says deficiencies include deplorable environmental conditions and inadequate — sometimes abusive — treatment. It contends some of 15 suicides in the past 30 months might have been prevented. Now it wants a court-enforceable "consent decree" is needed to make any progress. Last month, the Board of Supervisors voted to build a new jail for a cost of $2 billion — but that won't be completed for ten years. 




Warren Olney