Egypt Goes to the Polls with the Arab World in Flux

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Egypt Goes to the Polls with the Arab World in FluxIn Egypt, the biggest, most influential country in the Arab world, voters turned out en masse for today's elections, which will have a major impact region wide. With 40 parties and thousands of candidates for the lower house of Parliament, the election itself was already a complex undertaking. Recent protests against the military regime have made the process more uncertain than ever. Meanwhile, Syria accused the Arab League of economic warfare. We look at changes -- for better or worse -- wrought by the "Arab Spring."


Shadi Hamid - Brookings Institution; The Atlantic - @shadihamid, Mona Eltahawy - syndicated columnist - @monaeltahawy , Robert Pastor - American University, Borzou Daragahi - BuzzFeed News - @borzou, Steven A. Cook - Council on Foreign Relations - @stevenacook

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