Feuer and Trutanich, Candidates for LA City Attorney

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Carmen Trutanich is the City Attorney of Los Angeles. After promising never to run for another office, he tried for District Attorney last year, but he came in third and missed the run-off. Now he's running for re-election next Tuesday. Mike Feuer is a former Los Angeles City Councilman who lost a bid to be City Attorney in 2001. Since then he served three terms in the State Assembly, enough to be termed out. Now he's running for City Attorney again, and he's in Tuesday's run-off against the incumbent. The two have been exchanging insults and accusations in interviews, speeches and campaign mailers. After they made the runoff, they staged several debates but, less than a week before Tuesday's election, they couldn't agree to appear together on WWLA? They have agreed to appear separately, with neither able to hear what the other says. We won't have the usual back and forth, and we draw our questions from news reports, public documents and other sources.

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Banner image: (L-R) Mike Feuer and Carmen Trutanich, candidates for Los Angeles City Attorney




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