Mayor Villaraigosa and the State of the City

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This was the day for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to put up or shut up with regard to city finances, the Department of Water and Power and relations with the City Council.  Just a few days ago, he warned that whole departments might have to shut down for two days a week and that 4000 workers might have to be laid off. Credit agencies lowered LA’s rating.  Today, the Mayor presented a new budget and addressed the State of the City.


Jill Stewart - executive director of the Coalition to Preserve LA - @jillstewart, Dennis Zine - Los Angeles City Councilman - @dennispzine, Paul Koretz - LA City Councilman - @paulkoretzcd5, Bob Schoonover - President, SEIU Local 721, Gary Toebben - Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce - @LAAreaChamber

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