Governing California by Ballot Proposition

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Jerry Brown promised his third term as Governor would be the charm against a budget crisis that never seems to end. Eighteen months later, the deficit is twice as big as he predicted, and he says the state needs to stop living beyond its means. That means asking the voters to raise taxes. Will they go along? Why hasn’t he launched a real campaign? We talk with the only reporter to get a lengthy interview with a Governor who’s been shying away from public appearances.  Also, 150 judges from nine western states will hold their annual conference in Hawaii. Wouldn’t you? Two Republican Senators say, No Way!  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, leaks, national security and presidential politics.

Banner image: Jerry Brown, seen above attending an election rally in Sacramento two days before his 2010 election, vowed to solve California's perpetual budget crisis. Photo by Mark Miller



Warren Olney