The Sudden Death of Kim Jong Il

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Bill Clinton tried to establish relations with Kim Jong Il. George W. Bush called that “appeasement,” and made North Korea part of his “axis of evil.” Kim Jong Il responded by building—and testing—nuclear weapons. Now the big question is whether his young son and heir apparent can maintain control. China has urged economic reform on a country that can’t feed its people. South Korea worries about military action and the possibility of collapse. North Koreans were shown weeping openly in the streets today at news that their “Dear Leader” has died. We look at the prospects for transferring power in a country whose instability could have dangerous consequences.


Don Kirk - The Atlantic, Mike Chinoy - USC US-China Institute - @mikechinoy, Michael Green - Center for Strategic and International Studies / Georgetown University - @CSIS, Karin Lee - Executive director, The National Committee on North Korea

Warren Olney

Andrea Brody, Katie Cooper, Christian Bordal