King Harbor Hospital on Life Support

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Closing down LA County’s King/Harbor hospital once seemed unthinkable. Yesterday, Los Angeles County Supervisors asked the health department to draw up contingency plans.  After years of substandard care and needless deaths, the federal government has threatened to withdraw their half of the budget. After pleas for delay and promises to retrain the staff, more than 40% of licensed vocational nurses failed to pass tests on their professional skills. The incident that best dramatizes conditions at King/Harbor is the videotaped death of a woman who writhed on the floor while hospital staff ignored her. Edith Isabel Rodriguez was buried yesterday in Tehachapi. 


Charles Ornstein - ProPublica - @charlesornstein, Constance Rice - Civil rights attorney based in Los Angeles and Co-Director of the Advancement Project in Los Angeles, Ralph Di Libero - President of the LA County Medical Association, Michael Rembis - President and CEO of the Centinela-Freeman Health System

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