Is the Superintendent Trying to Break Up the LAUSD?

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Mayor Villaraigosa will be taking responsibility for two groups of the lowest-performing schools in the LA Unified School District.  Now, LAUSD Superintendent David Brewer wants to put 44 of LA's lowest-performing schools into a separate district with its own superintendent, its own curriculum and its own rules.  Is it the beginning of a breakup for the Los Angeles Unified School District?  Would it lead to a power struggle between Brewer and Villaraigosa? We talk with the Superintendent, administrators and educators.  Also, after nine months of sending the wrong checks to teachers, what about fixing the new payroll system? Also, for nine months, the LAUSD has been sending the wrong amounts of money to teachers and other employees. Sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.  What about fixing the new payroll system?




Warren Olney


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