Same-Sex Marriage, Gender and the Prop 8 Ruling

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Same-sex marriage has become a national issue since federal Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8, in which California voters banned a practice that had only been legal for a few months. One aspect of Walker's ruling that has been overlooked is the role played by the women's movement. We hear from two journalists and a well-known scholar who's married to another man, but still says the judge's decision was too much, too soon.


Audrey Bilger - Claremont McKenna College - @AudreyBilger, Dahlia Lithwick - Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate - @dahlialithwick, Jonathan Rauch - Brookings Institution - @jon_rauch, William May - Catholics for the Common Good - @ccgaction, Brian Brown - National Organization for Marriage - @briansbrown

Warren Olney

Julia Flucht, Darrell Satzman, Katie Cooper