LA Murals, Commercial Signs and the First Amendment

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Tomorrow, the LA City Council will vote on whether to remove the ban on murals in what's called the "Mural Capital of the World." The ban was enacted 11 years ago during a battle between street artists and advertisers. One version of the new law would still ban murals on the walls of private homes. We hear a debate about art, ethnic tradition and personal taste. Also, Eric Garcetti's first political clash with the City Council: the DWP contract.

On our rebroadcast of To the Point, Egypt's ruling generals have thumbed their noses at the US; there's been almost no American help to rebels in Syria. And Iran's new President is getting the cold shoulder despite evidence that he wants to talk. Is President Obama conducting a "passive foreign policy," or being realistic about this country's influence in the Middle East?

Banner image: The Pope of Broadway, Anthony Quinn, by Eloy Torrez. Photo: Ian Muttoo