AP Exclusive: Phone System Failed in LAX Shooting

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In a eight-year period, California lost 11% of its jobs in film and TV, while New York gained 25%. When it comes to tax incentives, the Golden State is not living up to its name. And last year's LA-based Oscar winner for visual effects went bankrupt before the awards ceremony. We have the latest on runaway production. Also, the final report's not out yet, but last year's shooting at LAX is said to have revealed disturbing flaws in airport security. 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, if Comcast merges with Time-Warner Cable, it will be America's dominant broadband provider. Netflix has already agreed to pay Comcast to get better service. Is Comcast getting too much power?  Is broadband a national resource that should be regulated like a public utility?


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