LA Metro: Good News and Bad News

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LA's Metro transportation system got $2 billion in federal money today to expand the subway under Wilshire Boulevard out to Beverly Hills. Completion is scheduled for 2023.  Elected officials who serve on the Metro board went to Washington to sign up for the money. Tomorrow, they're be back in town to face a dispute over proposed increases in transit fares — complete with accusations of “racism.” Also, California won't produce a "black gold mine" of oil after all. 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, we hear from a man who says unmanned drones will be commonplace in the wars of the future.  The Obama Administration is already ahead of the game. Richard Clarke advised three former presidents and helped develop the drone program.  Is his latest novel, Sting of the Drone, a cautionary tale, or a defense of remote-control killing?




Warren Olney