Midterm Elections: California Goes in a Different Direction

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All California’s statewide elected offices will be in the hands of Democrats starting next year, with only the race for Attorney General still undecided. Despite having spent at least $140 of her own money as the Republican candidate for Governor, Meg Whitman lost by 13 percentage points — almost a million votes. Governor-elect Jerry Brown said nothing more about how he plans to govern than he did during his campaign. We join a panel of politicos to discuss yesterday's results and what they mean for the future. 



Carla Marinucci - California Playbook reporter, POLITICO - @cmarinucci, Barbara O'Connor - Cal State Sacramento's Institute for the Study of Politics and Media, Allan Hoffenblum - (1940-2015) - @WeHoGOP, Joel Fox - Californians for Reforms and Jobs, Not Taxes, Fernando Guerra - Loyola Marymount University - @LMU_CSLA, Bill Carrick - Democratic strategist

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