The Rationing of Public Education

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LA's elected school board passed a preliminary worst-case budget last night with just one dissenting vote. Although the cuts were not as severe as expected, the $6 billion plan would still eliminate thousands of jobs, close all the adult schools and cut some after-school programs as well as music and art at elementary schools. Some 11,700 pink slips have already been sent out. There are other options. Superintendent John Deasy wants concessions from labor unions he says could keep some programs open.

Three initiatives on the November, 2012 ballot all could further impact public education. They are:

Tax for Education and Early Childhood Programs
Tax to Fund Education, Preschools, and Child Care
Tax to Benefit Public Schools, Social Services, Public Safety, and Road Maintenance


Warren Fletcher - United Teachers Los Angeles - @utlanow, John Deasy - Los Angeles Unified School District - @DrDeasyLAUSD, David Rattray - Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

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